Product – Cleansing Bar & Skin Purifier

So after watching the male Instagram influencer post a lot about the #Kaneh cleansing bar, who also happened to be a male, I finally decided to give this product a go, bearing in mind I have never used anything on my face as my skin is extremely sensitive.

I was a little hesitant to try the #Kaneh cleansing bar at first but the reviews I was seeing for a while had me in two minds.

I finally ordered the soap, when it had arrived I was super excited to try it out.

The packaging was very unique, I loved how it comes in a tin so after you finished using the soap you can put it back in the tin box.

I have now used the soap for 4 weeks & feel my skin is very soft, a lot tighter & clean. The soap has two sides to it – a charcoal side & a pink side, the charcoal side which has exfoliating particles in it, helps open up the pores & picking up dirt from the surface of the skin, wash face then rub the pink side on the face, this helps tighten the skin & makes the skin look softer, clearer & youthful.

I would definitely recommend the #Kaneh cleansing bar to anyone who wants to look younger & youthful.

– Khalida, London.

Product – Eye Recover Serum & Cleansing Bar

After using the eye recover serum, my under eyes have become less dark and much healthier. I could go days without makeup and not feel insecure about my dark eyes. It gives my under eye the hydration it needs. Totally worth the money, love it!

Since I’ve been using the cleaning bar, my face has changed magically! My face Is much smoother and brighter and it exfoliates amazingly without damaging my skin or dehydrating it. I love using it after I remove my makeup as I can feel any products left on my face being removed and keeping my face healthy after a day full of makeup.

One of the best cleansing products I’ve ever used! Thank you Kaneh!.

– Fatimah, London.

Product – 5% CBD Oil

I was suffering from severe sciatica pain for weeks it was very painful and I felt I was loosing he will to live the Kai was also getting me depressed. I was then given CBD oil from my daughter she asked me to take 1 drop under the tongue before my afternoon nap.  I woke up and I couldn’t believe how effective the CBD oil was it reduced my pain by 75% and perked me up!

I was absolutely amazed by the results from just 1 treatment. Since that day my wife and I continue to take CBD drops daily just as you would vitamins and we both feel amazing. I also loved the orange flavour which is unique compared to others on the market which tastes of hemp. I am now recommending CBD oil to all my family and friends.

 Mr. Ghari, London.

Product – 5% CBD Oil

My anxiety levels completely changed after taking oral Cbd drops. Just 2 drops in the morning and evening improved my stress levels and sleep pattern. No longer was I  tossing, turning and waking up in the middle of the night. A life changer.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

– Mrs. Copeland, Bristol.

Product – 20% CBD Oil

For the last 20 years I have suffered severe chronic daily headaches. During the last 3 months however I have been using Cbd oil 3 times per day which has reduced the headaches significantly. My pain levels have gone down by 50%.

Gaining  my life back in this way has improved my depression and anxiety enormously.

 John Green, Exeter.

Product – Vitamin Absolute Night Oil

I bought the full skincare range and absolutely love it! In particular I love the skin oil which glides on and leaves no residue.

– Maxine Thomas, Newton Abbott.

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