The Science


Our Lab is dedicated to the research and development of cosmetic products based on broad spectrum hemp availability of bioactive species and their interplay that opens another level of intrigue for the skin as the synergy of these compounds is unlocked. We create a whole plant hemp enhanced skin care and beauty products, by combining the broad spectrum phytocannabinoids with all-natural array of nourishing plant butters and herbal oils. All skin care product formulation are our original creations.

Our state-of-art skin care formulas contain a balanced blend of all natural ingredients from the hemp plant with high content of cannabidiol (CBD).The highest quality broad spectrum cannabinoid oil is obtained from plant extraction with supercritical CO2 method, which uses high pressures and low temperatures, to precisely extract and protect the CBD and other cannabinoids. This ensures the consistency of our products and the GMP status of our production of all our products is assured by continuous quality verifications as well as short- and long-term stability checks.

Using the highest efficacy of CBD and nano technology, the Kaneh skincare range works with the body’s natural system to support the skin’s response, encouraging rejuvenation within the skin. The launch of our range of plant-based products, all of which have been produced under EU GMP and ISO supervision.

Not only do we wish to reconnect people with the power of nature, but create an appreciation for the environment in which we live. That’s why we will not compromise on quality and we make a conscious effort to ensure that all of our packaging(s) is recyclable.

As the first UK branded CBD skincare range, we work directly with scientists in Europe to ensure that we bring you the best quality skincare products, using the highest-grade CBD oil grown in organic soil from Slovenia.

Having over 30 years’ experience within the skincare industry, we have witnessed first-hand the power of combining nature and skin. We are excited to share our message and we hope that you will join us on our journey to spread the word about the power of plants!


Thank you for joining us on this journey we hope you truly enjoy our skincare range. We hope to bring you more products with the help of mother nature.

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